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New @ Sprawl: the Jump & the Pepper

Hark! More newishness from Sprawl!

First, the Jump, a complete outfit. Dress with flexi skirt and shirt with sculpt sleeves and peter pan collar. Comes in 4 different colors, or a fatpack for bonus savings. The Jump looks like this:

the Jump

And second, the Pepper. A Sergeant Pepper-inspired military coat. Has sculpted upper and lower sleeves, collar and coat bottom. Comes in 4 colors, or the money-saving fatpack. It looks pretty much exactly like this:

the Pepper

Both of these are available now at the Sprawl Mainstore, which you can find here:

New @ Sprawl: The Static & The Boyfriend

Two new releases today! Two!

First off is the kid sister of a release I did awhile ago, a track jacket called The Signal. I wanted a cropped version, with a bit different design on it (but not dramatically as you’ll see) so I came up with The Static. Comes on jacket layers as both zipped up and open, with different sculpted collars for each version. Also comes with sculpted upper and lower arms. It looks like this:


Second is The Boyfriend. A friend requested a boyfriend shirt, and while I couldn’t finagle how to make it long enough to be worn as a dress (as I’ve seen them worn) I got it pretty long. Sculpted collar, rolled sleeves and sculpted shirt bottom which comes with and without the fish leather belt attached for maximum options. It looks like this:


For sale now — YES NOW — at the Sprawl Mainstore on the fittingly named Sprawl Island, which is located right here:

Sprawl gets warm with the Major

Today’s new offering is The Major, a short wool coat with sculpted upper and lower prim sleeves, collar and a flexi coat bottom. Included are the jacket layer as a full length (to go better with the vagaries of canted hips and a short version so you can wear the jacket with no prim bottom at all and still look stylish. I’m kind of torn about which one I like better, so I offer both.

Here’s what it looks like

the Major

As you may or may not know, there’s a movement on about boycotting all purchases, sales and transactions of all sorts. I don’t wanna get into a whole thing about content theft. I think it sucks. Most right-thinking people do. But punishing creators is no way to make progress, it’s just a way to make creators less apt to make stuff and drive people to steal. So, to thank everyone who shops at Sprawl, I’ve marked the Major (all colors and the fatpack) down 50% for today and tomorrow. Come get some.

Right here:

Sprawl Hath Returned

And now with its own rural post-nuclear-giant-hamster-stuff-on-fire sim.

And tons of new stuff: New clothes, new home furnishings, a new build and new Cheap Sections (10L and under for clothes, stuff, etc.)

Come explore! or just buy some stuff! or just hover menacingly for 8 hours straight!

the end is near!

Bricolage, home sim to Sprawl, is closing tonight or tomorrow (depending on when the ticket goes thru) so time is running out to get in on the moving sale, with 50% off gift cards, the clearance wall, full of soon-to-be-retired merchandise for half off (including fatpacks), and a new addition, the PBI Retired Box.

Lots of people have asked since i jettisoned all the old PBI items, if I’d ever make them available again. So, to signify this new move, I’ve put up 30 boxes in my mainstore, full of every bit of retired PBI merch: clothing, tattoos, accessories and other stuff. Over 100 items, AND a Sprawl 100L gift card, all for 500L. These 30 boxes are it, you buy it, you take it, and when all 30 are gone, no more stuffs.

Hurry down to the sale party at Sprawl

Ginormous Moving Sale @ Sprawl and Tousled

From now til the end of the month (or until the sim gets sold, whichever comes first), Sprawl and Tousled are having a moving sale to fund our moves to new sims. If you’ve ever wanted to save a buttload and a half of money on clothing and hair, now is the time.

SPRAWL has marked down all gift cards by 50%, with denominations ranging from 100L to 5000L. Cards never expire, never get demagnetized and are good for now and at Sprawl’s future home. Stock up for yourself, gift friends, build a house of cards out of your giftcards, it’s totally up to you.

Gift cards are located in the front of the store as you walk in, just click it the TV-looking machine and pay it. In addition, Sprawl is having a huge clearance sale, with stuff marked down 50% and more, with everything on the clearance wall vanishing when we move, so get them now before they’re lost to the sands of time forever.


In addition, Tousled, Bricolage’s hair shop, is having a huge sale on everything in stock. From Hae:

"Help Haedon pick up all her stuff!

I need to clear out,  so all packs of hair are on sale for 40L.   You buy it,  you own it. After you purchase it,  right click the box and TAKE it, it’s yours now.  This is how I’m clearing my walls. :D

(FatPacks are 400L,  same deal.  You buy it,  you take it!)

So the faster you get here, the more will be available.  Get the shades you want before they’re gone.”


Tax Day Half Off Sale Chugs Along

SPRAWL is having a new tradition, the Tax Day Half Off A Thon. To help refill my government-emptied coffers, come buy some store cards at half off. Never expire, never warp in the washing machine, never break, no matter how much you bend them.

Thanks to everyone who’s come by already. The sale is going til midnight SLT, so time is running out. Splurge, buy a few. Stock up and squirrel them away, invest in the IPO of Sprawl and get dividends of sartorial awesomeness later. Bestow gifts of amazing generosity on unsuspecting friends. Buy every single item in the store. Options, we’re a fan.

And join the group while you’re at it, unless, y’know, you hate free stuff. 


Tax Day Means 50% Off Day

Oh Hai, 

Have been quiet lately, I know, but fear not, spring and summery newness is just on the horizon. But for now, I’ve been having to deal with taxes. I work as a freelancer in my regular life, and every year on April 15th I break down into a fit of “It’s not faaaaaair” when I have to write checks that basically clear out my savings account to pay the big bad government. So this year, I’m having a sale to deal with the horror that is taxes.

The way it works in Sprawlville is I’ve marked the gift cards 50% off so whatever you pay, your card will be worth double. This is much easier than me flying around for several hours changing prices only to have to change them all back, and your half off gift card is good for as long as you have it. Or you can give them out as gifts, no one has to know you only paid half off, so you’re saving money and looking like the most generous person evar. Everyone wins. 

Located right as you walk in, Store Cards are on sale til midnight only, then back to normaltown. I and my bank account thank you in advance for any monetary assistance you can provide to the ‘Keep Push Out of Debtor’s Prison’ fund. 

Sale here:

Final Weekend: Clearance Sale

This weekend, the clearance sale of all all merch, still under the PBI label, is on sale at rock bottom prices. After Sunday, everything will be deleted forevar. 

So come take a look and stock up:

Sprawl’s Christmas Haul

Not gonna tell you what it is, not gonna show you a picture, just gonna mention there is a box of gifts (that means more than one) upstairs (2nd floor) at the Sprawl mainstore. They’re under the tree and free as air until I get back into town, so go nuts. 

And to everyone who’s been requesting I do men’s stuff, rest easy, there’s a box for boys as well as one for girls.

December Wishes to you all.